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June 2024 Yoga Newsletter

group of people celebrating international day of yoga

A few weeks back, I was going down some “Google Trends” rabbit holes. I discovered that people show the most interest in Yoga for two months a year. January is one of those months (that’s pretty easy). Can you guess the second?

Interest in Yoga is at its highest in June. Which at first was a bit puzzling to me since Yoga studios often see the summer slow down around this time. So what is it?

Since 2015, every June 21, the International Day of Yoga, has created the greatest buzz around Yoga. Briefly lifting our practice out of the niche and into the mainstream, reminding the world that Yoga is here.

June has many special days and themes, such as Father’s Day and Pride Month, and I believe that it can also be Yoga Month.

So, let’s all do our part and remind the world that Yoga is here. Post on social media, write blogs, participate in local events, and talk to your non-yoga friends about Yoga. And yes, you may get some rolling eyes doing the last suggestion, but it’s only for a month.

Lastly, congratulations to all the students that completed the May Yin Yoga Teacher Training. We thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment to growing the Practice.

This is what I have for you this month – Kevin

  • International Day Of Yoga 2024: Celebrate The Practice
  • 30 Day Yoga Challenge Get Started Today
  • Why Yoga Teacher Continuing Education Is Important
  • Yoga Teacher Vs Instructor: What’s The Difference?

May 2024 Yoga Newsletter

May is my Favourite Month. There is something about this month that energizes my capacity and ambition. These days, when I’m not plunking away on the computer, I’m outside tackling my backyard projects. By the way, I think the planter boxes I built last year will be operational this year 🤣.

That energy extends to our offerings, too, with the Launch of our Chair Yoga Teacher Training and the May Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. So, to all the mothers (human and pet), a Happy Mother’s Day to you. Mothers are our everything, and we certainly don’t appreciate you enough.

This is what I have for you this month – Kevin

  • Building a Home Gym
  • Yin Yoga: A Guide To The Practice, Benefits, And Myths
  • What is Sound Meditation?
  • May Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Starting Soon
  • Chair Yoga Teacher Training – Registration Open
  • Yoga Clubs and Classes

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April 2024 Yoga Newsletter

Years ago, when I completed my Yoga Teacher Training there, the most profound thing I learned was how little I knew about yoga. Since then, I have been on this weird and winding journey of different Yoga styles, meditation, philosophy, and training. Simply put, Yoga Teacher Training was the appetizer to a Yoga Feast.

What I also learned is that I’m not alone. Never in my career, hobbies, and interests have I met a group of people (Yogis) with an insatiable hunger to Learn. Which is lucky for me because I chose to be at the center of it.

This is what I have for you this Month – Kevin

  • Sanskrit Yoga Poses: How To Translate Asanas And Why
  • The 7 Chakras And Their Meaning – Beginner’s Guide
  • Mudras And Mantras: Two Powerful Meditation Tools Explained
  • Chair Yoga Teacher Training – Coming Soon
  • New Yoga Club
  • More YouTube Videos
  • Yin Yoga Teacher and Mediation Training

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March 2024 Newsletter

Winter is a time of rest, recovery, and going within. And, for me, this past winter was much more the case. With my jaw surgery and Lene’s hip replacement, my home has become a pop-up post-op recovery center. So, I’m grateful for the coming spring and its power to pull forward. To put a break on rest and wake up with the world.

BTW, I’ve got a lot of medical devices at the moment (crutches, fancy icepack thing, etc.). So if you need anything, let me know. 😊

Here’s what I have for you this month – Kevin

  • I Can’t Sleep. Podcast and Resources
  • Got Yoga Content? Talk to us.
  • Free Month of On Demand Library
  • New Yoga Club
  • More YouTube Videos
  • Yin Yoga Teacher and Mediation Training

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February 2024 Yoga Newsletter

The quote in the header resonates with me. It asks us to consider the methods we undertake in our goals. We should be cautious of methods that rationalize an end. Refrain from marching headstrong to a reward and lose sight of the process and the misery some methods cause.

As we work toward meaningful change, the joy in the process matters and is its own reward.

Here’s what I have for you this month – Kevin

  • On-demand Video Library: A major renovation
  • Pod Cast Nyk Danu: Yin vs Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga Teachers: We want You
  • Recent Blog Posts
  • More YouTube Videos

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January 2024 Newsletter

What is it about leading to the New Year that makes us think, “After Jan 1st, I’m going to _____”. Usually, the blank contains words like start, stop, loose, gain, etc, followed by another word representing what we want to effect.

The quote in this email header is a bit fitting to these New Year Thoughts. It tells us that we all have the opportunity to move the needle and make change every day.

Sorry, New Year’s Day…. change is available anytime.

BTW your clicks have spoken so I’ve included more Pod Cast Links for you.

Here is what’s new this month – Kevin

  • Christina Raskin is here to Take Asana at Home Yoga education to the Next Level
  • Podcast Eps 155: Keen on Yoga, Adam talks to Bernie about Yoga Injuries
  • Podcast Eps 465: Lucas Rockwood, Does Yoga Work for Weight Loss?
  • Nathalie Keiller Has a New Hatha Yoga Class
  • New Posts on The Blog
  • It is the New year so why not sign up for a Training?

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December 2023 Yoga Newsletter

Looking at the Headline, I had to chuckle as it’s something I say every year, and maybe you too. Is it a habit, or is time truly passing by quicker?

Recovering from Jaw surgery and thus being mostly home-bound made for a marvellously productive Month. New Videos, Posts, Classes, Training etc. I did some Tinkering with the Website as well.

And congratulations to the newly minted Yin Yoga Teachers for completing the November Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Lastly, I apologize if I drove you crazy with all the Asana at Home Black Friday/Cyber Monday Marketing emails. It is a bit of a necessary evil. But you are reading this email, which means you are still subscribed, and I thank you for that.

Here is what’s new this month – Kevin

  • 2024 Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training Registration is open. *New Payment Options*
  • Yin Yoga: A Guide To The Practice, Benefits, And Myths
  • Yoga Mat Size Chart: A Guide To Your Perfect Mat
  • Nerve Gliding Exercises For Shoulder: Ultimate Guide
  • Butterfly Yoga Pose – How To Unlock The Benefits
  • Saddle Pose Yin Yoga Supta Vajrasana – Complete Guide
  • Three Part Daoist Breathing – Benefits And How To
  • New Videos on Our YouTube channel – Too Many to list
  • Give the Gift of Asana at Home

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November 2023 Newsletter

Going a bit off script this Month, I am sharing a few interesting things I found online and wrote about. I’ve included links below. Enjoy – Kevin

  • Resident Teacher Trainer Bernie Clark Speaks with Adam Keen about Hip Replacements
  • Paul Grilley, Co-creator of Yin Yoga, gets interviewed by Yin Yoga Trainer and friend of Asana at Home, Nyk Danu
  • Yin vs Yang Yoga? – Let’s settle the debate
  • What is Rocket Yoga ?- Here is a hint: it’s not very Yin 😉
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training November 13 – Sign up soon; time is ticking
  • Our YouTube channel, Asana at Home, has been constantly updated with unique content.

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October 2023 Yoga Newsletter

Yoga Newsletter Highlights

  • 30 Day Yoga Challenge – Restarting The Practice
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Live Online
  • Asana at Home Yoga Blog – New Articles
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga – With Michelle Burks
  • Deepen Your Connection with Yin Yoga

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September 2023 Newsletter

Yoga Newsletter Highlights

  • The Benefits Of Yoga In The Workplace
  • Yoga Affirmations for a Positive and Powerful Mind
  • Yoga for Flexibility Returns
  • Step into Leadership with Online Yoga Teacher Training
  • Practice On Your Terms with On-Demand Yoga

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July 2023 Yoga Newsletter

Yoga Newsletter Highlights

  • Unlock the Wisdom of Kemetic Yoga
  • Dive into the Serenity of Caterpillar Pose
  • Heart Chakra Mantras for Inner Peace
  • Deepening Your Practice and Expanding Your Knowledge: Embrace the Path of Lifelong Learning

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June 2023 Newsletter

Yoga Newsletter Highlights

  • The Healing Power of Sound Meditation
  • Melting Heart
  • Unlocking Flexibility
  • Continuing Your Practice on Your Time

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May 2023 Yoga Newsletter

Yoga Newsletter Highlights

  • Root Grounding
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations
  • Best Books for Yoga Teachers
  • Continuing Your Practice & Education

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April 2023 Newsletter

Yoga Newsletter Highlights

  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  • New on the Blog
  • Do you have Blocked Third Eye Chakra Symptoms?
  • Mudras and Mantras
  • Yoga Mat Storage Solutions
  • The Purple Chakra Meaning and Colors – Crown Chakra

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Adult girl with a dog Jack Russell practice online yoga lesson at home during a 30 day yoga challenge. Dog licks the girl face, flirts. yoga dog names
Beginner Yoga Blog
30 Day Yoga Challenge Get Started Today

A 30 Day Yoga Challenge can be a terrific way to start your yoga practice, build a solid routine, and discover the many advantages of daily yoga practice.

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “30 Day Yoga Challenge”? A little worry? That is something I could never do! … Annoyance? Yoga is not that! … Excitement? I’m eager to get going again and push myself. Maybe even a little fatigue? We’ve faced enough “challenges” this year.

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group of people outside practicing on international day of yoga
Yoga and Wellness Retreats and Festivals
International Day of Yoga 2024: Celebrate the Practice

The International Day of Yoga (IDY) is a globally celebrated event dedicated to the practice and benefits of yoga. Observed annually on June 21, this day emphasizes the importance of yoga in promoting holistic health and well-being. Recognized by the United Nations, IDY encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to incorporate yoga into their lives, fostering physical, mental, and spiritual growth. The celebration of IDY highlights yoga’s universal appeal and its ability to unite individuals worldwide in a shared pursuit of health and peace.

This Year’s International Yoga Day is on June 21st, 2024 and its theme is Yoga for Women Empowerment and Humanity

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a yoga teacher showing a class tips on continuing education
Yoga Instructor Blog
Why Yoga Teacher Continuing Education is important

One of the main things that yoga teaches us is that things change. Change is the only constant in this world. Of course, this is also true for the yoga and fitness industry. That is why Yoga Teacher Continuing Education is important.

The Yoga industry has changed in many ways. Our knowledge of the human body continues to evolve. We continue to grow in understanding the best methodologies to teach and guide our students. Lastly, as teachers, we continue to develop and change with experience. This growth and change are healthy and important. If we, as yoga and fitness teachers, do not stay current in our training, we get left behind. Our ‘knowledge’ becomes dated, and we risk injuring our students and becoming irrelevant.

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