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Our Passion is to Bring Online Yoga to Students Wherever They Are

Our Yoga Instructor Values

Have Fun

Our Yoga Instructors love what we do. This space we have created is for people to work hard and have fun in an inclusive and accessible way. We want to celebrate our love of yoga with likeminded people and that is what we hope to do here at Asana at Home. 


It is important to us that our relationships are based on value rather than gain, and we are passionate about developing a sense of community between our practitioners and yoga instructors. We want our yoga students to feel welcomed and supported when they log into a class on our online yoga studio. 

We believe that there is great value in giving back to the communities we live in and organizations we support. To keep the compassion flowing, the Asana at Home platform regularly hosts fundraising events and Workshops 

Meaningful Relationships

After logging into one of our Online Yoga classes, you will be met with yoga instructors that are genuinely interested in the well-being of each student. As yoga instructors, we hope to build a long-lasting and close community with our yoga practitioner  


Our Yoga Instructors are continuously coming up with ways to better ourselves. By enhancing our practice and teaching quality, we can provide the tools and support for our students to follow through with their own vision of progress. 


There is always a better and innovative way to learn and teach yoga, and our instructors are constantly flexing our creativity to provide the best yoga services possible. Combining creativity with both accessibility and flexibility is important to our team. 

Online Yoga Instructor Team

Online Yoga Instructor Training Faculty

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