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Asana at Home Online Yoga was created to help expand the yoga community , by bringing online yoga classes into the homes and spaces of those who aren’t always able to make it into a yoga studio. Asana at Home Online Yoga hopes to make the yoga experience more accessible and flexible to reflect the diversity of our different circumstances. 

We want to create a community with shared values, passion, and purpose by bringing together yoga students and Yoga Instructors from all over the globe. Our Online Yoga Instructors fuel their passion with high-quality Online Yoga classes, videos, Online teacher training and workshops through our Online yoga studio platform. 

To help support your practice, we frequently update our yoga blog.

The Best Online Yoga Classes In the Comfort of Your Home

Lets Get You Started with Online Yoga Classes for your at home yoga studio.

For any of our Online Yoga Classes Set up your at home yoga studio.  You will need some space to move, a yoga mat, if you have one (a towel also works), and a Zoom account, which is free to set up.

If practicing in a louder space, use headphones to hear the Yoga Instructor better.

Need yoga Props? Read this article to find DIY Yoga Props in your home.

Have Questions about Online Yoga Classes or Yoga Teacher Training? Check out our FAQ PAGE 

Thank you for practicing with Asana at Home Online Yoga. We’re glad you are here.

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