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Online Yoga Videos and Classes: Asana at Home was created to help expand the yoga community into the homes and spaces of those who aren’t always able to make it into a yoga studio. Asana at Home hopes to make the yoga experience more accessible and flexible to reflect the diversity of our different circumstances. 

We want to create a community with shared values, passion, and purpose by bringing together yoga students and teachers from all over the globe. Our teachers fuel their passion with high-quality Yoga classes, videos, teacher trainings and workshops through our virtual yoga studio platform. 

To help support your practice, we frequently update our yoga blog

Great Online Yoga Videos and Classes in the comfort of your Home

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For any of our Online Yoga Video and classes, you need some space to move, a yoga mat, if you have one (a towel also works), and a Zoom account, which is free to set up.

If practicing in a louder space, use headphones to hear the instructor better.

Thank you for practicing with Asana at Home. We’re glad you are here.

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A woman is engaged in a 30 day yoga challenge A woman trying to improve fitness with the help of yoga, Performs crane pose or bakasana pose
Yoga Blog

30 Day Yoga Challenge

A 30 Day Yoga Challenge can be a terrific way to start your yoga practice, build a solid routine, and discover the many advantages of daily yoga practice.

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “30 Day Yoga Challenge”? A little worry? That is

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Yoga Helps Create a Calmer Mind. Here a plus size brunette woman practices yoga with body positivity with a laptop at home for livestream yoga.
Yoga Blog
Erika Palmer

Yoga for a Calmer Mind

I have struggled with anxiety at times throughout my life. Whenever I mindfully choose to up (or honestly, restart) my yoga practice during periods of anxiety I find it much easier to navigate life during this time. And maybe it’s just a coincidence, but doing

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woman in comfortable sportswear doing wide lunges stretching legs using blocks to support her.
Yoga Blog
Erika Palmer

Using Yoga Props

When I was awkwardly dangling or struggling during a pose my mind was focusing on how uncomfortable I was. I certainly wasn’t relaxing into a stretch or breathing deeply. Yoga props help you get fully into the position you’re aiming for so you can concentrate

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Michelle Burks creating free yoga videos for clients

Grab Your free morning yoga poses