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Michelle Burks

Michelle Burks - Yoga Teacher Asana at Home

“Imayogagirl” Burks

Michelle Burks Yoga Teacher Asana at Home doing an eagle posture in a yoga studio with a pink background

Michelle Burks Yoga Teacher

I can remember my first yoga class being intimidating and also very intriguing. It was smooth and calm yet also physically challenging. It got me hooked and I couldn’t wait to do yoga again. It was a time to be active and bring balance to my body, to be quiet and bring peace to my mind. I love that anyone can do yoga, anywhere, without anything. I wanted to teach and bring this feeling of contentment to everyone. I received my training over a year of going back to LA from St. Louis and have been teaching over 20 years. 

You don’t have to be flexible, yoga will meet you where you are. 

I love sharing yoga with anyone and everyone. I have led classes at studios, an all boys school, at Washington University, several private corporations and at Lululemon. I have become a host for yoga challenges on Instagram and Facebook and if I am not a host at the time, I participate in friends challenges, too. Life is so serious, I aim to make my yoga classes light and fun and sometimes challenging and creative. You do not have to be flexible to do yoga, yoga will meet you where you are. I am always trying to live my best life and smile. Yoga helps me to live my best life. xoxo Michelle

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