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Our Yoga at Home Blog collection is a comprehensive guide for enhancing balance, flexibility, and peace through yoga. It includes informative articles and DIY yoga tips to support a personalized practice, covering setup, equipment selection, and technique variations.

We emphasize yoga’s physical and mental benefits to motivate daily practice, like improved strength, flexibility, stress relief, and emotional well-being. The series also extends to mindful living and relaxation, offering advice for integrating yoga principles into everyday life.

This Yoga at Home Blog resource aids in creating a fulfilling home yoga routine, encouraging self-awareness and presence. As you explore, remember that yoga’s journey is personal, marked by gradual, subtle growth. Use our guidance to deepen your connection with yourself and realize your untapped potential.

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two yoga mats placed ina firewood holder yoga mat storage
Yoga at Home Blog

16 DIY Yoga Mat Storage Solutions and Tips for Home

Do you need help finding extra space for yoga mats and accessories in your home yoga room or small spaces? As a yoga enthusiast, you’re not alone. With yoga blocks, blankets, resistance bands, yoga balls, hand weights, jump ropes, yoga straps, and more, it can be challenging to keep everything organized and easily accessible. But don’t worry. The good news is that many DIY yoga Mat Storage and DIY Yoga Mat Holder solutions can help you declutter and create a peaceful yoga studio in the comfort of your home.

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shows a stack of books bound together as a DIY YOGA Block Substitute and Props
Yoga at Home Blog

DIY Yoga Bolster, Blocks and Strap Found in Your Home

Incorporating DIY Yoga Bolster, Strap and Blocks into your yoga practice can make it more comfortable by bringing you closer to your mat. Sometimes, certain poses may only be achievable with the use of props. Often this is the case if you have just started incorporating yoga into your life or if you find specific areas of your body particularly tight. Looking around your house, you will likely be able to find a Yoga Block Substitute or a Yoga Bolster Substitute. We explore creative DIY Solutions so you can use as yoga props at home.

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dumbbell and skipping rope for building a home gym
Yoga at Home Blog

7 Guidelines for Building a Home Gym in Your Apartment

We all know that exercise is important to living a healthy life, but finding the time and money to go to the gym can be a huge burden. With an uptick in remote jobs, many workers are interested in building a home gym so they can get a quick workout during lunch or between calls. For those in a home, whether it be renting in downtown Seattle or owning in the suburbs of Edmonds, it’s possible to devote an entire room to being a gym.

However, folks in apartments don’t have that luxury. With few places to store equipment, building a

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a yoga ball size chart showing an image of a yoga ball with text on top stating individual height and size of yoga ball to use.
Yoga at Home Blog

Yoga Ball Size Chart for Exercise and Stability

A yoga ball, also known as a Swiss ball, exercise ball, balance ball, fitness ball, physio ball, and birthing ball, offers remarkable application versatility. Their use spans various settings, including fitness and physical therapy, and even as substitutes for office chairs. However, the underlying importance of these spheres lies in selecting the right size to ensure effectiveness and safety. The correct size of a yoga ball is not just a matter of comfort; it is crucial for achieving the desired outcomes, whether enhancing physical fitness, aiding in recovery during physical therapy, or ensuring ergonomic seating in the office.

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black chi rescue dog standing on yoga blocks. yoga dog names
Yoga at Home Blog

38 Yoga Dog Names with Meanings for Inspired Dogs

Picking a dog’s name can be a challenge. However, if you love yoga, there’s no better way to share your passion with your new puppy than by giving them a yoga-inspired name. Over recent years, yoga dog names have gained popularity with many dog parents and yoga enthusiasts, representing inner peace, spirituality, and a deep connection with ancient Indian culture. This ultimate guide will explore the perfect name for your fur baby, whether you have a girl dog or a boy dog, based on famous yoga poses, Sanskrit terms, and IndianSo get names. Get ready for the most unique name for

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Young relaxed woman doing yoga at home with candles and incense.
Beginner Yoga Blog

Make Yourself Comfortable Practicing Online Yoga

For years whenever I did yoga, I tried to copy what everyone else in the class was doing—their form, what they wore, and what they brought to class. Proper (expensive!) yoga pants – check. An official yoga mat – check. I’m embarrassed to admit that I even did these things in the privacy of my own home

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Karlee and Issac. Boy sitting on woman after an online vinyasa flow yoga class
Beginner Yoga Blog

Toast with a side of Vinyasa Flow

If you knew me pre-pandemic you know I would have barfed at the idea of attending anything or even a vinyasa flow class at 6:30 a.m.

Generally, yes, I am awake before that time almost every day. Do I have any desire to warm-up my vehicle and drive somewhere to work-out or do yoga? No.

The driving part and being somewhat presentable is what kills me. I prefer to spend my mornings still in my pajamas and stationed in a somewhat dimly lit kitchen while I come to life.

Fast-forward to one year into a pandemic and working from

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Our Yoga Blog and Our Values

At Asana at Home, we value the yoga journey’s different aspects and its connection to our values: community, progress, creativity, meaningful relationships, and fun. In addition, we love how yoga connects the mind and the body in many ways, using many forms.

Our Yoga Blog will offer you inspiring personal stories from our students starting on their journey and the valuable experiences they’re learning. You’ll also read motivating personal stories from our teachers about how they got started, what yoga means to them, and essential tips they’ve learned on their journeys. Finally you’ll find articles covering topics in our Yoga Instructor Blog, Beginner Yoga Blog, Yoga Poses, Yoga at Home Blog, Chakra Blog, Health Blog and Meditation Blog.

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