Preparing your physical and internal environment for an Online Yoga Class

Online Yoga Class

Preparing your space for an online yoga class with Asana at Home can look different depending on your preferences. Not only are you designing your physical space, but you will need to prepare your internal environment. 

For some, this could look as simple as pushing a pile of laundry aside that has been sitting in your living room for too long. Or maybe you are the type of person who, to concentrate thoroughly, might have to move that pile of laundry to a different room. 

You could be the type who may have to set aside extra time to fold and deal with that laundry pile before the class starts to immerse yourself in your practice completely. 

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A Bit Cluttered for Yoga?

Declutter the physical space

Remove physical distractions from your sight or your space directly in front of you. Depending on how you work best, this could mean that you just need to push it aside, or you could be the person that needs all physical distractions to be limited from your space. You will need to take a couple of minutes to do this before your class begins, regardless of which category you fall into. 

Bringing the essentials to Your Online Yoga Class

 Not only does this mean having your props within arms reach, but it can also include items that bring you peace and solace. Again, this can look like several different things depending on each unique personality. Light a candle, burn some incense or wear your mala beads. Bring what you need, what you love, and what makes you happy. A water bottle is probably a good idea to have on standby.

Decluttering the internal space

Some of us are good at blocking out distractions in our brains. Some, not so much. This might mean you must schedule a class when you feel the least stressed about your to-do list. It could also mean tackling your to-do list a little beforehand. Getting in the right mindset takes practice and can sometimes be challenging. So, you might need to do things such as turning off your cell phone or moving to a space that allows you to disconnect better.

Taking a few extra minutes to create the right atmosphere and brain space will improve overall practice.

By Karlee Kapler


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