The Benefits of Using Yoga Props to Deepen Your Practice

In the past, I avoided using yoga props because I felt a little intimidated by them, plus I figured only true yoga professionals invested in additional products to enhance their yoga practice. Wow, how wrong I was! Once I started using them, I realized exactly why they’re so popular, and I’ll give you those reasons below in 4 key benefits of using yoga props. But first, I should mention that you don’t even need to invest in yoga props! That’s right — check out this post on DIY Yoga Props.

Yoga Props Help You Reach your Desired Position

I always knew not to push myself too hard while doing certain yoga poses. So, I often just let my arm dangle awkwardly instead of being able to place it on the ground. I was hunched over, holding my knee with my feet awkwardly flexed, and I bent my knees and wiggled around a bit during savasana to avoid back pain. 

However, when I started using yoga props, that all changed and noticed the benefits immediately. I was able to place my hand flat on top of a yoga block instead of letting it dangle, I used a yoga strap (full disclosure — it was a bathrobe tie) to guide my flexed foot towards me gently, and a bolster helped my back remain spasm free during those critical — and oh, so excellent — savasana times.

The Benefits of Using Yoga Props: young woman practicing yoga, doing Revolved Triangle Pose, Parivrrta Trikonasana, using blocks to support her
A yoga prop brings the floor closer to you.

Yoga Props Help You Breathe Easier and Deeper

When I was awkwardly dangling or struggling during a pose, my mind was focused on how uncomfortable I was. I certainly wasn’t relaxing into a stretch or breathing deeply. Yoga props help you get into the position you’re aiming for so you can concentrate on breathing and relaxing, therefore receiving the full benefit of your yoga practice.

The Benefits of Using Yoga Props: Young african man working out at home , warming up using yogic belt, lying in yoga Supta Padangushthasana, One Leg Lift exercise, reclined variation of Extended Hand to Big Toe pose. a yoga strap for posture
You can use anything as a yoga Strap for Supine Hand To Big Toe Pose

They Give You Extra Confidence

When I gave in and started using yoga props — especially the yoga strap (bathrobe tie!) and yoga bolster — I was able to master the poses and felt a more rooted in my yoga practice. There were poses I skipped doing in the past because I felt like they were too difficult for me. With yoga props, I felt the benefit of confidence to try more poses — and I was able to do most of them successfully.

Props Don’t Have to Cost Money

You dont have to break the bank to experience the yoga prop benefits. Yoga props can be made from items already in your home. Placing a flat pillow under your neck or back to help you be more comfortable in certain poses. is a prop. The blanket you cover yourself with during savasana, so you don’t get chilled is a prop. Whatever you use to help make your yoga practice work best for you is a DIY Yoga prop.

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