DIY Yoga Blocks and Props in Your Home

Incorporating DIY yoga props and blocks into your yoga practice can make it more comfortable by bringing you closer to your mat. Sometimes, certain poses may only be achievable with the use of props. Often this is the case if you have just started incorporating yoga into your life or if you find specific areas of your body particularly tight.
Looking around your house, you will likely be able to substitute various items in place of specific yoga props. Here are three things you can use as yoga props at home.

DIY Yoga Prop Blanket rolled up to make DIY Yoga Bolster on Left. Used as a substitute yoga bolster to the Commercial grade yoga bolster on the right.
DIY Yoga Bolster (made from a blanket) on Left substituting the Yoga Bolster on the right

DIY Yoga Bolster

If you do a quick Amazon search, you will gather that a yoga bolster can cost just as much as a monthly yoga studio membership. While primarily used in restorative yoga classes, bolsters provide extra support and allow your body to relax profoundly and promote complete release.
A bolster can sit under your upper back, support the lower back, and lay under your knees when in savasana.
A DIY Yoga Bolster can look like a variety of things. Some ideas include rolling a couple of blankets into tight rolls or using literal bolsters off your couch. Look for something firm and somewhat cylindrical.

DIY Yoga Block

Using a yoga block can help you be more comfortable during your practice while allowing for better alignment of your body. Yoga blocks can benefit anyone, no matter their time in their yoga practice.

A DIY yoga block, in a pinch, could be a dictionary or even several books held together with elastic bands. On the other hand, if only a minor lift is needed, then a rolled-up blanket could work. Using DIY yoga blocks can help you get into the correct positions safely and get the most out of your Yoga Postures.

shows a stack of books bound together as a DIY Yoga Block
DIY Yoga Block on Left
DIY Yoga Prop On the floor DIY Yoga Strap Prop (Robe Strap) on Left and a commercial yoga strap on the right
DIY Yoga Strap (made from a robe strap) on Left

DIY Yoga Straps

You can easily find a DIY Yoga strap at home. A bathrobe belt, tie or scarf can easily do the trick to help increase flexibility or assist with forward folds. A yoga strap, even if it is a makeshift one, will help deepen your practice.

Sometimes investing in or finding “real” yoga props or blocks is unrealistic, so making your own will be your only option. A DIY yoga Strap will help increase flexibility, support comfort, add more depth to poses, and create stability.

 If you use a little creativity, you’ll come up with many of your own home made DIY yoga Blocks and props. 

DIY Yoga Mat Storage Solutions for Your Home Studio

two yoga mats placed ina firewood holder diy yoga mat storage
Firewood Holder, a DIY Yoga Mat Solution that adds a bit of Style

Do you need help finding extra space for yoga mats and accessories in your home yoga room or small spaces? As a yoga enthusiast, you’re not alone. With yoga blocks, blankets, resistance bands, yoga balls, hand weights, jump ropes, yoga straps, and more, it can be challenging to keep everything organized and easily accessible. But don’t worry. The good news, many DIY yoga mat storage solutions can help you declutter and create a peaceful yoga studio in the comfort of your home.

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