DIY Yoga Blocks, Bloster and Strap Found in Your Home

Incorporating DIY Yoga Bolster, Block and Strap Substitute into your yoga practice can make it more comfortable by bringing you closer to your mat.  Sometimes, certain poses may only be achievable with the use of props. Often this is the case if you have just started incorporating yoga into your life or if you find specific areas of your body particularly tight. Looking around your house, you will likely be able to find a Yoga Block Substitute or a Yoga Bolster Substitute.  We explore creative DIY Solutions so you can use as yoga props at home.

DIY Yoga Blocks Substitute

shows a stack of books bound together as a DIY YOGA Blocks Substitute and Props
DIY Yoga Block Substitute - Made with a Stack of Books

Using a yoga block can help you be more comfortable during your practice while allowing for better alignment of your body. Yoga blocks can benefit anyone, no matter their time in their yoga practice.

A DIY yoga block substitute, in a pinch, could be:

  •  The dictionary, collecting dust on the shelf, or several books held together with elastic bands. 
  •  A wood scrap (sand it before using) from a construction site will do. 
  • Block Shaped Styrofoam Packaging 
  • For a minor lift, then a rolled-up blanket or yoga mat could work. 

DIY Yoga blocks can be a great help getting into the more challenging yoga positions safely and get the most out of your Practice.

DIY Yoga Bolster Substitute

DIY YOGA Blocks and Props Blanket rolled up to make DIY yoga bolster substitute on Left. Used as a substitute yoga bolster to the Commercial grade yoga bolster on the right.
DIY Yoga Bolster Substitute - Made with a Rolled Blanket.

If you do a quick Amazon search, you will gather that a yoga bolster can cost as much as a monthly yoga studio membership. While primarily used in restorative yoga classes, bolsters provide extra support and allow your body to relax profoundly and promote complete release.

A bolster can sit under your upper back, support the lower back, and lay under your knees when in savasana.

A DIY Yoga Bolster Substitute can look like a variety of things. Some ideas include.

  • Roll up a couple of blankets into tight rolls.
  • Couch Cushions or bolsters 
  • Wrap a blanket around a rolled up yoga mat.
  • Firm Bed Pillow

When scouting around the home for your DIY Yoga Bolster look for something firm and somewhat cylindrical for a Bolster Substitute.

DIY Yoga Strap Substitute

DIY Yoga Strap Substitute a Robe Strap on Left and a commercial yoga strap on the right. a yoga strap for posture
DIY Yoga Strap Substitute - Made with a Robe Belt.

The Yoga Strap is perhaps the easiest DIY Yoga Prop to make from what your have in your home. 

Some Examples of DIY Yoga Straps Include

  • Bathrobe or Pants belt.
  • Neck Tie or Scarf 
  • A Tightly Rolled Beach Towl
  • Jump Rope

A DIY Yoga Strap can easily do the trick to help increase flexibility or assist with forward folds. A yoga strap, even if it is a makeshift one, will help deepen your practice.

Sometimes investing in or finding “real” yoga props or blocks is unrealistic, so making your own will be your only option. A DIY yoga Strap will help increase flexibility, support comfort, add more depth to poses, and create stability.

 If you use a little creativity, you’ll come up your own Yoga Strap Substitute.

Get Creative with your DIY Yoga Props

Creating a DIY Yoga Blocks, Bolster or Strap Substitute can be a fun and practical exercise.  A yoga practice doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavour, so why let costly Yoga Props stop you? So break out of the Yoga Box and create your own DIY Bolster, Block and Strap substitute today

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