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Kevin Parenteau Founder, Yoga Nerd and Yoga Teacher

My first yoga experience was when a friend talked me into a hot yoga class. I was hooked. At the time, I found it to be the perfect complement to my love of endurance sports, but in time, yoga took over… 

Being the curious and passionate kind of person that I am, I explored teacher training, first Tantra with Yogacharini Maitreyi and eventually becoming certified in Vinyasa by Mike Nichols,  in Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark, but it didn’t end there. More training followed with Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Harmony Slater, David Robson and Jelena Vesić. Beyond Yoga Asana, I completed a few 10-day Vipassana meditation retreats

What started as a perfect complement to my love of endurance sports, Yoga Eventually Became Everything

My Principal Yoga Practice is Ashtanga Vinyasa, under Geoff Mackenzie. My Secondary Practice is Yin Yoga.

I have a history of entrepreneurship, leading successful companies, reVISION Custom Home Renovations and Wolfgang Commercial Painters. Currently, I’m the Founder and CEO of Asana at Home Online Yoga.

The Coronavirus pandemic created a demand to stream yoga into people’s lives, and I saw an opportunity to connect excellent teachers to people worldwide.

With that, Asana at Home Online Yoga was born. 

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Kevin Parenteau Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider
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