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Introduction to Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

In the vast and diverse world of yoga, Asana at Home’s 50 Hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training course, led by renowned instructors Bernie Clark and Diana Batts, stands out for its comprehensive and adaptable approach. This 50-hour course design is to immerse you in the theory and practice of Yin Yoga, enhancing your teaching across all yoga styles with unique insights and skills. This yin yoga certification program caters to those with busy schedules or geographical limitations and is a perfect blend of traditional Yin Yoga essence and the convenience of digital learning.

What is Yin Yoga?

Asana at Home’s Yin Yoga certification program offers a deep dive into this distinct yoga style:

Definition and Key Characteristics:

  • This course emphasizes the slow-paced, meditative approach of holding poses for extended periods. It aims to deepen flexibility and cultivate inner peace, guiding you in safely practicing and teaching Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga’s Approach to Stretching and Connective Tissues:

  • The course addresses how Yin Yoga uniquely targets the body’s connective tissues, contrasting with more dynamic yoga styles. This approach aids in enhancing flexibility and promoting deep relaxation, a vital aspect of the course’s curriculum.

Benefits for Health and Emotional Outlook:

  • Delving into the physiological, energetic, and psychological benefits of Yin Yoga, this training will enable you to motivate students and enhance your practice. The course profoundly explores these benefits, offering a holistic view of Yin Yoga’s impact on wellness.

Meditative Aspects and Stress Reduction:

  • The course’s focus on the meditative aspects of Yin Yoga helps deepen mindfulness practices, promoting stress reduction and emotional healing. This aspect mainly benefits those seeking a practice that nurtures both body and mind.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Programs Overview

The Asana at Home course offers a rich and diverse training experience:

Different Types of Online Training Programs:

  • With live stream and on-demand access options, the course accommodates various learning preferences and schedules, featuring live video presentations, pre-recorded yoga classes, and self-study components.

Critical Components of the Curriculum:

  • Covering essential elements of Yin Yoga, including philosophy, anatomy, asanas, and sequencing, the course also explores Eastern and Western perspectives on mind/body/energy, enhancing your understanding and teaching skills.

Yin Yoga Certification and Accreditation Details:

  • Upon completion, participants receive a certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance, ensuring that the training adheres to high standards and equips them with the necessary skills to teach Yin Yoga effectively and safely.

Advantages of Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Asana at Home

Combining the Personal Touch of In-Studio Training with Online Convenience:

  • Asana at Home’s Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training, led by experts Bernie Clark and Diana Batts, mirrors the depth of in-studio training with the added benefit of online flexibility. This program ensures that trainees receive an education that is both comprehensive and personal, providing valuable mentorship and growth opportunities within the convenience of their home.

Preparing for Students at Every Stage of Their Practice:

  • Our program design is to equip teachers with the skills to guide students of various skill levels. This inclusive approach ensures that you can adapt teaching methods to meet individual student needs, enhancing the effectiveness of your Yin Yoga practice.

Live Stream Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training (YYTT) Details

Training Dates and Time

  • May 13 to 19, 2024
  • November 18 to 24, 2024
  • Hours: 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM PDT

What’s Included

  • Seven Days of Live Stream Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training (YYTT)
  • Lifetime Access to YYTT Recordings and Materials
  • 12 month Subscription from date of course purchase to Welcome to the Yinside: Bernie’s Weekly Online Yin Yoga Class
  • 50 YACEP Credits
  • 40% Discount off Online Meditation Course “Meditation Revealed”
  • Dedicated Facebook Page for Course Information and Questions
  • Yin Yoga certification upon completion

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Price $895 USD plus GST – Payment Plans Available

On Demand Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training (YYTT) Details

Train on Your Own Time and Schedule

What’s Included

  • Lifetime Access to YYTT Recordings and Materials
  • 12 month Subscription from date of course purchase to Welcome to the Yinside: Bernie’s Weekly Online Yin Yoga Class
  • 50 YACEP Credits
  • 40% Discount off Online Meditation Course “Meditation Revealed”
  • Dedicated Facebook Page for Course Information and Questions
  • Yin Yoga certification upon completion

Price $895 USD plus GST- Payment Plans Available

Bonus: Free One Year Subscription with Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Restorative yin yoga with a bolster. Young sporty, attractive woman in a bright white yoga studio, lying on bolster cushion, stretching and relaxing during yin yoga teacher training. Healthy active lifestyle

All students registering for this training will also get a free one-year subscription to the weekly Welcome to the Yinside classes with Bernie plus access to the archives of all past Yin Yoga classes.

This is a $200 USD value, but you get it for $0!

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Becoming a Certified Yin Yoga Teacher

Becoming a Yin Yoga Teacher:

  • Becoming a Yin Yoga Teacher at Asana at Home begins with immersing yourself in the nuances of Yin Yoga philosophy and practice. Our structured program is essential for gaining comprehensive knowledge and teaching skills in Yin Yoga.

Importance of Formal Study and Certification:

  • Formal study through our certified program is critical to profoundly understanding Yin Yoga. It prepares you to teach others safely and effectively, focusing on the unique aspects of Yin Yoga practice.

Personal Practice and Familiarization with Yin Yoga:

  • Individual practice is fundamental in our teaching approach. It allows you to intimately understand the effects of Yin Yoga, thereby deepening your teaching capabilities.

Yin Yoga Certification and Recognition:

  • Upon completing our accredited program, you receive a certification in Yin Yoga, signifying your competence and credibility as a teacher. This certification in yin yoga is recognized by the Yoga Alliance and other significant yoga governing bodies, building trust with students and employers.

Course Content and Curriculum:

  • Our comprehensive course covers a wide range of topics essential for Yin Yoga teachers, including philosophy, teaching methodologies, asanas, the study of chakras and meridians, and the balance between Yin and Yang energies. This in-depth curriculum ensures a well-rounded understanding and capability in teaching Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Frequently Asked Questions

Enroll in our comprehensive 50-hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course to become a Yin yoga teacher with Asana at Home. This course, guided by Bernie Clark and Diana Batts, covers the theory behind Yin Yoga and provides practical training in teaching it safely to others

After completing Asana at Home’s training program, you will receive certification in Yin Yoga. Our program includes an in-depth study of Yin Yoga’s philosophical and practical aspects, preparing you to teach Yin Yoga with competence and confidence.

To teach Yin Yoga effectively, you need a profound understanding of its philosophy, poses, and teaching techniques. Our program at Asana at Home provides this comprehensive education, ensuring you are well-equipped to teach Yin Yoga safely and effectively.

No prerequisites for Asana at Home’s Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training. This course is open to everyone, regardless of whether they are current yoga teachers or aspiring to become one.

Yes, all training sessions, including live session recordings, are permanently available to students who have completed the live training.

(Permanently, that is, as long as, Asana at Home Online Yoga, exists.)

Absolutely! If you can’t attend some or all live classes, you can catch up with class recordings, which are uploaded and available after each class concludes..

The Required Text for this course is The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark. Optionally, also recommended are the books Your Body, Your Yoga and Your Spine, Your Yoga.

While the live training schedule is on specific dates, you can complete the course at your own pace, with up to 12 months to finish all components and receive your certificate of completion.

When the training begins, you will log into your Asana at Home  account.

Click on the course page in your account dashboard. 

On the course page under events click on the class you would like to attend. 

You Can find the Recordings and other course content on the same course page under lessons.

Check out our Video Tutorial 

The only requirements are an internet browser and a Zoom account, with the Zoom app recommended for an enhanced experience.


For the Live Stream Classes: There is a facility via the Zoom app for you to ask questions in real-time. If you are not watching via Zoom there will be no ability to ask live questions. 

However,  both Live Stream and On demand Students can ask questions via email and your designated Facebook group for non-real-time questions, which is especially useful for students watching the replay of the videos.


Asana at Home provides flexible payment options, including three and six-interval payment plans.

Click Buy on the training Product for Details

You can use either a credit card or a debit card for payment.


Yes, the course is a recognized YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) program with Yoga Alliance, offering 50 hours of training – 35 contact and 15 non-contact hours.

While Asana at Home does not offer in-person training, Bernie Clark provides such training. You can find more details on his training page.

For other questions please check out the Course FAQ the Yin Yoga Forum or Feel to Contact Us


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