Meditation Revealed Online Meditation Course

With Bernie Clark and Nathalie Keiller

Online Meditation Course - Philosophy, Psychology and Practice - How to Meditate and Why

Why do the Meditation Revealed Online Meditation Course?​

Knowing why meditation works and the range of benefits we can receive from meditation helps to motivate us to establish and keep a regular daily practice. Understanding the obstacles that may arise during the training will allow us to be more vigilant and take things as they come. This course will balance theory and praxis, helping you establish a solid Vedic meditation (Deep Meditation) practice. The system will also delve deeply into the context of both yoga and meditation. What do “yoga” and “meditation” mean, and why would we want to do them? Understanding the historical context of these practices will help you adapt and adopt meditation to what you need for our modern times.

Who Can Do The Online Meditation Course?

Bernie Clark and Nathalie Keiller sitting next to each other crossed legged in a forest for an online meditation course. Vedic meditation training
Meditation Masters Bernie Clark and Nathalie Keiller

The online meditation course is open to all students regardless of whether they have never meditated before or already have a regular practice, even if it is not in the Vedic Meditation (Deep Meditation) tradition. However, we do request that everyone, even experienced meditators, use the Vedic / Deep Meditation technique for the course so that everyone can share in their everyday experience. You will learn various styles of meditation; however, we will only practice this one style of Vedic Meditation training.

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Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider Logo. Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Vedic Mediation Training
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The 40 Hour Online Meditation Revealed Course Includes

top view of a woman crossed legged hands on lap computer is visible doing an Online Meditation Course. Guided Vedic Meditation training
Do the Online Meditation Course and Vedic Meditation Training in the Comfort of Home
  • 35 hours of instruction by Bernie Clark and Nathalie Keiller through video recordings
  • 5 hours of self-study and practice
  • Vedic Meditation Training and Instruction (Deep Meditation)
  • A taste of some other styles of Meditation
  • A historical overview of Meditation and Yoga
  • Understanding the role of Meditation in various styles of yoga
  • The differences in the intention of different styles of yoga and Meditation
  • The Anatomy of the Mind and Soul: Eastern, Western and historical views
  • The benefits of Meditation – physically, psychologically and spiritually
  • Creating sacred spaces and the time to meditate
    Dealing with obstacles
  • The importance of praxis
  • Permanent access to the video recordings
  • A digital manual containing the presentation material and a list of resources/references
  • A certificate of completion
  • 6-Month Subscription to Nathalie’s Weekly Online Vedic Meditation Group Sits
  • 40 Hours YACEP with Yoga alliance

Attention Yin Yoga Teachers

Bernie Clark a man. sitting crossed legged hands clasped at front mediating in the forest. for online meditation course. yoga blog vedic meditation training

This online meditation course is considered to be the second level of the Yin Yoga Teacher Training (YYTT) offered by Bernie Clark.

The final section of the YYTT was the Mind/Body, but it was only an introduction to the topic. Meditation Revealed is a deeper dive into the relationship of the mind to the body, uncovering what we mean by mind, the practices of mindfulness and meditation.

Remember, each Yin Yoga posture is an opportunity to develop mindfulness. And, for all yoga students and teachers, Meditation Revealed will put the styles of yoga into their historical and philosophical contexts. In others words, there will be a lot more stories!

Online Meditation Course Hours of Instruction

The online meditation course will consist of 35 hours of presentations, which include talks, discussions and Deep Meditation (Vedic Mediation Training) by Nathalie and Bernie.

There is 5 hours of self-study that will include your own meditation sessions and assigned readings.


There are no prerequisites for this course! Attendees do not need to be yoga teachers or have taken our Yin Yoga Teacher Training. While this is consider a level two follow on to the Yin Yoga Teacher Training, it is stand-alone and does not require that training. Nor do you need to be an experience meditator, however, that is certainly not a problem if you are.


Yes. The entire training, including the recordings of the live sessions, will be permanently available to students who attended the live training and completed it. (Permanently, that is, as long as our host, Asana at Home, exists.


Yes! If you cannot attend any or all of the live sessions (perhaps you are in a time zone where the live sessions don’t work for you), you will be able to access the recordings after.


The main book for the course is Shiva Dancing at King Arthur’s Court. You will need to get a copy before the course begins (it is available through Amazon and as an eBook). This book was previously published as a hard back book under the title From the Gita to the Grail. Either edition is suitable.

This course will not include any asanas so you will not need any special materials like a yoga mat or props. Just find a comfortable position to watch the presentations.


While the training is structured to run from June 13 – 19, it’s not required that you complete the training in this time frame. You can take as long as you’d like to watch all of the prerecorded videos and live session recordings. There is no deadline for completing this training. It is strongly recommended that you watch Nathalie’s presentations for Day 2, 3 and 4 on consecutive days. This will help to develop your meditation practice. You do not have to watch Bernie’s presentations on consecutive days. Once you have watched all the videos and taken the final test you will receive your certificate of completion.


The only thing you will need is an Internet browser. When the training begins, you will log into your Asana at Home course page and click on the first day’s live video feed.


This is a Recorded Training so no.  However, you can still ask questions via email and the Facebook group for non-real-time questions, which is especially useful for students watching the replay of the videos.


You can use either a credit card or a debit card. Just enter your debit card number in the spot for the credit card number


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