Diana Batts - Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer

Diana Batts is an inspiring teacher trainer of Yin Yoga, whose practice goes back to the late 80s. With over a decade of teaching experience, she discovered her passion for Yin Yoga through her friend Bernie Clark. She attended Bernie’s inaugural teacher training in 2004.

Since then, she has continued to expand her knowledge and study under the guidance of the best Yin Yoga educators, such as Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Paulie Zink, and B.K.S Iyengar practice. Diana’s teaching style creates a peaceful and meditative atmosphere where students can explore their bodies and find their unique path.

Diana Batts dedication and love for Yin Yoga are evident in the way she teaches her classes and assists Bernie Clark’s Yin Yoga teacher training courses. She inspires all who aspire to become great teachers of Yin Yoga.

profile picture of diana batts yin yoga teacher trainer
Diana Batts Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer
diana batts, bernie clark and kevin parenteau after a Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Diana, Kevin and Bernie after Yin Yoga Teacher Training
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