The Many Benefits of Online Yoga

Gone are the days when doing a yoga class meant I had to pack up my yoga mat and props before driving or walking to the yoga studio. Online yoga classes have thankfully increased in popularity over the last few years, and I couldn’t be happier! Not just because I felt that it was a lot safer to take classes online during the pandemic, but because the benefits of online yoga has so many advantages over in-person classes. Here are just a few of the many benefits I’ve learned about doing online yoga classes.

Mother and Daughter doing an online live streamed yoga class together
Practice Anywhere - Benefits of Online Yoga

Online Yoga is Convenient

I’m a mom and I’m super busy with my work, so I don’t have extra time to travel, find parking, and get set up at the yoga studio before the class. Plus, I often found myself skipping extra strenuous classes because it meant I had to drive home sweaty and take extra time to shower.

When I do an Online yoga class, I don’t have to travel at all, I can keep my mat and other props set up, and I can shower immediately after — saving SO much time! Not to mention that I don’t need to worry about finding care for my daughter. I simply keep her busy in another room — or invite her to join in on my online yoga class, which she LOVES to do! Now that yoga is more convenient for me to do, I’ve been able to start and maintain a practice, helping me see results sooner than I did before when I only went sporadically.

Online Yoga is More Comfortable

Although yoga is for everybody, no matter their size, shape, or ability, many people often feel self- conscious — especially when first starting on their yoga journey, or when trying a new type of class. I know I certainly have felt self-conscious! Participating in an online yoga class in the comfort of my own home, instead of being surrounded by others in a studio, helps me feel more comfortable. I’m still able to get the important feedback I need from my virtual yoga instructor and encouragement from classmates, however, being in my personal space helps me feel a LOT more confident!

Online Yoga has More Selection

I love that attending online yoga classes means that I’m not limited to local teachers or the types of yoga that are taught in my area. Virtual yoga classes offer incredible variety so I can try more styles of yoga and different teachers to find the ones I resonate with most. I love that I have the chance to work with acclaimed teachers from all over the world and attend special yoga workshops and yoga teacher training that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to see in person.

You’ll Make Some Great New Connections Online

I’ve seen the incredible support network and friendships that have been created through online yoga classes. It’s so interesting to meet people from all over the world, hear their stories, and follow their journeys. The smaller online yoga classes I attend gives me a chance to create a supportive community that I feel comfortable in — and want to keep coming back to!

Asana at Home Online Yoga is a fantastic place to start your journey into online yoga classes. Please check out their class schedule and don’t ever hesitate to ask any questions — they’re always there to help!

Author and Yogi Erika Palmer

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