Make Yourself More Comfortable Practicing Yoga at Home

Practicing Yoga at Home – For years whenever I did yoga, I tried to copy what everyone else in the class was doing—their form, what they wore, and what they brought to class. Proper (expensive!) yoga pants – check. An official yoga mat – check. I’m embarrassed to admit that I even did these things in the privacy of my own home when I did yoga DVDs! But then I realized that if yoga worked for me, I needed to practice at home and do what made me comfortable. So I encourage you to do anything you need to make your yoga practice more comfortable — and therefore more effective — for you. I’ve got some tips to help.

Use a comfortable mat

A yoga mat is beneficial, but you don’t need to buy an expensive brand-name mat! Any floor padding that is comfortable for you to kneel on but offers enough support to do your poses properly is excellent. You can often find inexpensive mats at sporting goods stores and even certain drugstores.

Serene lady relaxing and meditating on a mat practicing yoga at home
Use your favourite Pillows, blankets, and Props when Practicing Yoga at Home

Use yoga props to assist with harder poses

I’ve talked about how yoga props improved my yoga practice. They helped me settle into poses and be more confident. You don’t need to buy expensive yoga blocks or straps! Not only can you find a variety of yoga props at big box stores, but you could also make your own from things you already have at home.

Use blankets and pillows to make yourself cozy practicing Yoga at Home

If you get cold and want to snuggle under a blanket or have a pillow under your head and/or legs during Savasana, cooldowns, or Yoga Nidra classes, then go for it! I often use blankets and pillows because they make me feel warmer and more comfortable, and I can concentrate more on the poses and mantras.

Young relaxed woman doing yoga at home with candles and incense.
Create a Welcoming Space with candles and incense.

Wear clothes that make your comfortable

Most people wear tight-fitting clothes when doing yoga. Fitted clothes often help you move into poses easier. However, if you don’t want to wear fitted attire, don’t! Practicing Yoga at Home, I sometimes wear sweatpants and a t-shirt during yoga. You shouldn’t wear anything
that’s super loose because you don’t want to get tangled up or distracted during your yoga practice. But it’s important to wear what makes you comfortable.

Utilize aromas and candles to set the mood

If certain aromatherapy sprays or candles make you feel more relaxed and help still your mind, then use them. That’s the beauty of doing yoga at home — you can use any scents you like without worrying about irritating anyone else! For example, I have a grounding blend a friend made up for me that I occasionally apply on my wrists to get a whiff during my yoga practice.

Create a welcoming space for Practicing Yoga at Home

Doing yoga at home is great because you can set up your yoga practice area as you like it. I like having an uncluttered space. But you may want to have statues and idols surrounding you or posters or paintings of trees and other nature scenes to help you feel relaxed. These items may also give you a focal point during your practice.

You’ll have access to various class types and incredible, supportive teachers when you take online Yoga classes with Asana at Home. I love the fantastic community they have created and look forward to trying new styles soon!

Author and Yogi Erika Palmer


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