How to Make time for a Yoga Practice

I was first introduced to yoga as a young teen and have dipped in and out of it for almost 30 years now. I get so many benefits in my body and mind when I participate in a regular yoga practice — however, I always seem to stop as soon as I start to notice any major changes. Why? Well, life gets in the way. I skip yoga classes because the studio closes for vacation, my kid needs me, or I get busy with work. But in the past few years, I’ve needed yoga more than ever, so I’ve found ways to do yoga at home. Let me share some of those ways I make time for yoga.

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Make time for a regular yoga practice at home with online yoga classes.

Consider a Different Time

I prefer to do yoga classes in the afternoon or evening at home, but as my day fills up, I often find I’m too busy to do yoga. I now practice yoga in the morning, after I get my kid off to school, but before the day gets away from me. I’m not one to wake super up early in the morning, but that seems to be a good way for most to make time for yoga classes. Others thrive at night so perhaps a before-bed wind-down yoga practice may be best for you.

Make time for Yoga Whenever You Can

Some days I’m busy from the time I wake up until I go to bed and don’t have time to do a full yoga class. On those days I still try to fit a few yoga poses into my day, whenever I can. It can be as simple as taking a few minutes to sit, get centered, and breathe. Or if I’m noticing any back pain or other tightness in my body, I do a few yoga poses that I know will help release that tension. Taking five minutes to do a pose or two twice a day is enough to not throw my yoga practice off too much if I must miss a few days.

Keep Your Yoga Gear Close

Always having your yoga gear with you, or already set up in your practice space, can make it easier for you to do a yoga class. I know there have been many times when I’ve had 20 minutes to do yoga but have had my yoga gear spread out all over the house and not felt like taking the time to get it. Now that my yoga gear is all set up, it’s much easier to drop into a yoga class.

Make Time for Yoga - Take Yoga Classes Online

Ever since I started doing online yoga classes, I’ve been able to Make Time for Yoga and have a more consistent yoga practice. I can do yoga classes from the comfort of my own home, I don’t have to worry about studio closures or crowds, and there’s no extra travel time. Plus, there are many more types of yoga classes to choose from! 

Asana at Home offers a wide variety of online yoga classes that you can do in your own space. The teachers are awesome and provide great feedback and you’ll certainly find classes you love that fit into your schedule.

Author and Yogi Erika Palmer

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