Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice & The Changes You’ll Notice

I knew that having a regular yoga practice would help me deal with some general aches and pains I had, but I was surprised at some of the other benefits I saw after starting my yoga journey. And it doesn’t take all that long to see these incredible benefits either! Here are some of the changes I noticed just a few weeks after starting a dedicated yoga practice.

Flexibility Improves

As you would expect from all that bending and stretching, flexibility improves once you start a yoga practice. Now, don’t expect to be able to do the splits or a backbend within only a few weeks, but I certainly was surprised at how much more mobility I had in my shoulders and hips after only a few classes. I felt like even getting in and out of our truck was less of a strain on my back.

The benefits of a regular yoga practice. Women practicing yoga on a dock by a lake at sunrise.
The benefits of a regular yoga practice are more than just physical, you'll begin to notice positive changes to your mental wellbeing as well.

Increase in Strength

I never thought that a basic yoga practice would make me stronger, so I was shocked at how much stronger I felt after I started practicing yoga regularly. I found myself able to carry heavy grocery bags from the car into my house without getting winded and I could climb several flights of stairs with ease — for the first time in several years.

Better Core Balance in Your Body

Practicing yoga regularly creates a stronger core, which not only helps to lessen back pain but also creates balance within your body. I didn’t realize how much of an imbalance there was in my legs until I loosened up my hips and I suddenly felt more stable. It’s an incredible feeling that I can only describe as being more in control of your body

A Feeling of Calmness

Taking time to breathe and focus on my body helped to alleviate the anxiety I had been feeling for quite a while. I knew that having a regular yoga practice would help to make me a bit calmer, but I never imagined how much calmness it would bring me. I truly felt better, and when I couldn’t practice yoga for a few days I found my anxiety attempting to sneak back in.

Better Sleep

I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in years, so I was quite surprised that after only a few weeks of starting my regular yoga practice I started sleeping through the night, without worries and pain waking me up. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to wake up in the morning feeling rested!

Feeling Powerful

After a month or so of starting a regular yoga practice, you’ll be amazed at the changes you see. I felt SO powerful after seeing how much stronger and more flexible I was getting. I highly recommend yoga to anyone who is looking to feel powerful, healthy, and peaceful. 

I used to think I had no time to do yoga, but once I found virtual yoga classes that all changed! And honestly, once you get comfortable with a regular yoga practice, you’ll be able to simply take 10 minutes to do some stretches on those days you really can’t fit anything else in.

Asana at Home is a great way to join in on yoga classes — without having to leave the comfort of your own home. They offer a variety of virtual yoga classes with awesome teachers — including replays you can do on your own time.

Author and Yogi Erika Palmer

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