DIY Yoga Mat Storage Solutions for Your Home Studio

Do you need help finding extra space for yoga mats and accessories in your home yoga room or small spaces? As a yoga enthusiast, you’re not alone. With yoga blocks, blankets, resistance bands, yoga balls, hand weights, jump ropes, yoga straps, and more, it can be challenging to keep everything organized and easily accessible. But don’t worry. The good news, many DIY yoga mat storage solutions can help you declutter and create a peaceful yoga studio in the comfort of your home.

Floor Yoga Mat Holder - DIY Yoga Mat Storage

wood crate box containing yoga mats and props for a diy yoga mat storage
Simple Wood Box Crate a DIY Yoga Mat Storage Solution

If you have a little space to spare on the floor, a floor yoga mat holder might be a practical DIY Yoga Mat Storage Solution. A floor yoga mat holder can be as simple as a small wood crate, a bottom shelf attached to a side panel and back panel, or a half circle with a bottom brace. You can also add casters to make it easier to move around the DIY yoga mat storage.

Wire Towel Shelves - DIY Yoga Mat Storage

two yoga mats and yoga blocks placed on white wire towel holders for a diy yoga mat storage
Wire Shelves a clean and easy DIY Yoga Mat Storage Solution

Another minimalist option is a set of wire towel holders. These wire shelves can be mounted on the wall to store your yoga mats, blocks, straps and resistance bands. Wire Towel Holders are a great way to keep your yoga gear organized and accessible while adding a touch of style to your yoga studio.

Indoor Firewood Holder - DIY Yoga Mat Storage

two yoga mats placed ina firewood holder diy yoga mat storage
Firewood Holder, a DIY Yoga Mat Solution that adds a bit of Style

Who says you need a fireplace to have a firewood holder? A firewood holder makes a clean, practical, portable yoga mat storage solution for your yoga mat storage needs. With so many options and price points, you’ll find a firewood holder-made Yoga mat holder to fit your style and budget.

Wicker Basket or Cotton Rope Basket - DIY Yoga Mat Storage

basket with two yoga mats and two blankets. a diy yoga mat solution
Soften the look of your studio with a Wicker Basket for Yoga Mat Storage

If you’re looking for a more natural or decorative DIY yoga mat storage option, a wicker basket or cotton rope basket might be a good choice. These baskets can be placed on the floor or a shelf, holding one or more yoga mats, blocks, and yoga blankets. They also add a touch of style to your yoga studio; the mat basket is easy to put away when unused.

Shelving Units - DIY Yoga Mat Storage

two shelf shelving unit. white with two yoga mats and two yoga blocks a DIY yoga mat storage
Open Shelving for yoga mat storage solution is available everywhere at all price points

Shelving units are a versatile DIY yoga mat storage solution that can store your mats, blocks, blankets, and other yoga accessories. They can be freestanding or wall-mounted and come in many sizes and styles. Some shelving units also have drawers or baskets for storing smaller or personal items.

Wine Rack - DIY Yoga Mat Storage

wine fridge open with a yoga mat. diy yoga mat storage
Unless you like your yoga mat chilled use a wine rack over a wine fridge for your Yoga Mat Storage

Does cleaner living have your wine rack or stand collecting dust? A few empty spaces in a wine rack could accommodate a yoga mat or two. Or how about the whole wine rack as a DIY Yoga Mat Storage Solution? And Maybe, storing yoga mats in your wine rack may lessen your impulse to fill them. 😉

Yoga Mat Strap - DIY Yoga Mat Storage

pants belt wrapped around a yoga mat and pinned to the wall for DIY yoga mat storage
Pants Belt fixed to the wall and wrapped around a mat is a creative DIY Yoga Mat Storage Solution

A yoga mat band or strap is a simple and inexpensive way to store your yoga mat. These bands are typically cotton or elastic and wrapped around your yoga mat for easy transport and storage. Use a Yoga Strap to hang your yoga mat on the wall or in a storage basket. Get creative and use a pants belt as a strap and accessorize your decor.

Yoga Mat Bag - DIY Yoga Mat Storage

blue and black yoga bag on a ottoman handmade Yoga Mat Bag for DIY Yoga Mat Storage
Handy with a Needle and Thread? How about a handmade Yoga Mat Bag for Yoga Mat Storage

A yoga mat bag might be a good choice if you’re looking for an easy way to store and transport your yoga mats. Yoga mat bags come in many different sizes and styles and can hold one or more mats and yoga accessories. They are also easy to carry and take wherever you go. 

Want a unique Yoga Mat Bag? Then dust off the sewing machine and DIY or buy a custom bag from Asana at Home Friend Risto of Rad Yoga Gear (see pic)

Storage Cart - DIY Yoga Mat Storage

Another excellent DIY Yoga Mat Storage option for storing your mats and accessories is a storage cart. A storage cart with lockable wheels can be a great way to keep everything organized and easily accessible while also being able to move it around as needed. A storage Cart is handy if you need to move your yoga gear from one room to another.

Purpose Built Yoga Mat Storage

If you have a lot of yoga mats and accessories to store, a purpose-built yoga mat storage rack might be your best bet. Purpose-built yoga racks will hold mats, blocks, blankets, yoga wheels, athletic foam rollers, and resistance bands. They can be freestanding or wall-mounted, perfect for home yoga rooms or small yoga studios.

Wall Mount Vertical Yoga Mat Hanger + Bonus DIY

A wall-mounted yoga mat rack or hanger is one of the best ways to store your yoga mats. This wall rack allows you to store your yoga mats vertically, saving space and keeping your mats off the floor, providing easy access and being out of the way. Most wall-mounted yoga mat racks can hold multiple mats and other yoga accessories, such as yoga blocks and resistance bands. It’s also a great way to dry and air out your yoga mat. Another quick solution is to hang your mat on a home gym storage rack or over some long-forgotten exercise equipment. 

BONUS DIY Wall Mount Vertical Yoga Mat Hanger

  • Wall-mount a large L  bracket or shelving bracket and drape your mat over. 
  • Attach your mat to a pants hanger with clips.  Hang from a hook mounted high on the wall or ceiling

Freestanding or Wall-Mounted Horizontal Mat Storage Rack + Bonus DIY

If you prefer to store your yoga mats horizontally, a mat rack might be the way to go. Mat racks come in many different sizes and can be freestanding or wall-mounted. Some mat racks also have additional storage space for yoga accessories such as blocks, straps, and blankets. 

Bonus DIY Wall Mount Horizontal Mat Storage 

  • Wall- mount three or four shelving brackets. Brackets are placed in a row (and level)  three to 5 inches apart. Think of mounting a yoga mat instead of a shelf. 

DIY Yoga Mat Storage Tips

No matter which yoga mat storage solution you choose, there are a few things to remember to ensure that your mats and accessories are correctly stored and maintained.

  • Keep your yoga mats away from direct sunlight, which can cause them to fade and deteriorate.
  • Store your yoga mats and accessories clean and dry to prevent Mold and mildew growth.
  • Clean your yoga mats and accessories regularly to remove dirt and sweat buildup.
  • Finally, Keep your yoga gear organized and easily accessible to help you stay motivated and committed to your yoga practice.

When Buying DIY Yoga Mat Storage

When shopping for yoga mat storage solutions, consider checking out a retail store or hardware store specializing in workout equipment to get ideas. You can also search online for a broader range of options and prices.
It’s essential to consider factors such as delivery times, pricing (free delivery?) and quality. While it can be tempting to purchase the first storage solution, taking the time to do your research can help you find the best solution for your needs and budget.

Installation tip for DIY Yoga Mat Storage

wood stud finder being held to a white wall. looking for a wood stud to mount DIY Yoga Mat Storage
Use a stud finder to attach wall mounted DIY Yoga Mat Storage.

Use a stud finder when installing a wall-mounted yoga mat shelf or rack to locate the studs in your wall. Mounting on the studs will ensure that your yoga mat storage is securely mounted and can hold the weight of your yoga gear.

Try not to Make DIY Yoga Mat Storage Complicated

Finding space to store your yoga mats and accessories can be challenging, mainly if you need more space. However, you can easily create a peaceful yoga studio in your home with creativity and DIY know-how. Whether you opt for a wall-mounted yoga mat rack, a yoga mat storage rack, or a simple floor yoga mat holder, the key is to keep your mats and accessories organized and easily accessible. So why try one DIY yoga mat storage solution and bring some decluttering to your yoga home practice today?

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