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Our Yoga Poses collection offers a rich resource for practitioners at all levels, with articles detailing a variety of asanas. Aimed at deepening your practice and strengthening your body and mind, we cover each pose’s benefits and alignment.

You’ll find guidance on foundational poses like Downward-Facing Dog, Mountain Pose, and Child’s Pose, along with advanced inversions and backbends, providing challenges for all. Articles include instructions, alignment tips, and modifications to ensure accessibility and safety.

Learn about the benefits, such as flexibility, strength, stress relief, and mental clarity, encouraging exploration and growth in your practice. Yoga is a personal path; this collection is here to guide you with patience and consistency towards improved well-being.

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man doing saddle pose in yon yoga

Saddle Pose Yin Yoga Supta Vajrasana – Complete Guide

Yin Yoga, a style of yoga known for its deep, passive stretches, includes the Saddle Pose (Supta Vajrasana in Sanskrit) as one of its essential asanas. With its unique blend of relaxation and stretch, this pose offers numerous benefits, making it a favoured choice among

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image of Yoga Master Yirser Ra Hotep doing kemetic yoga poses

Kemetic Yoga Poses and its Ancient Egyptian History

Kemetic Yoga, a treasure from Northeastern Africa, is gaining global recognition for its holistic approach to wellness. This ancient form of Egyptian Yoga, Smai Tawi, originates in the land known as Kemet, or ancient Egypt. With deep roots in Egyptian spiritual practices, you can find

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Man doing Seated Forward Bend Caterpillar Yin Yoga pose (Paschimottanasana)for yoga for shoulder pain. Kevin Parenteau Yin Yoga

Caterpillar Pose Unveiling Yin Yoga’s Deep Stretch

Paschimottanasana, commonly called the Caterpillar Pose, is a beloved element of Yin Yoga known for its profound restorative and calming effects. In Sanskrit, ‘Paschima’ translates to ‘west’ or ‘back,’ ‘Uttana’ to ‘intense stretch,’ and ‘Asana’ to ‘pose.’ Thus, Paschimottanasana implies a deep stretch of the

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Kevin Parenteau - Yoga Teacher Asana at Home. Doing Child's Pose (Balasana)for yoga sleep position

Yoga Sleeping Position and Poses for Better Sleep

The challenges of modern life often infringe on the essential aspects of our well-being, with sleep being a major casualty. However, the importance of sleep cannot be overstated, as it is instrumental in cognitive function, mood regulation, and physical health. Regrettably, issues such as lower

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man doing yoga pose Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana) for shoulder pain. Kevin Parenteau Yin Yoga. anahatasana vs uttana shishosana

Anahatasana Pose: The Melting Heart Yin Yoga Pose Guide

The soulful world of Anahatasana, known in English as the Melting Heart Pose, is a testament to yoga’s nurturing and healing potential. The term ‘Anahata’ denotes the heart chakra, the seat of compassion, love, and empathy, making this pose a profound expression of these attributes.

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woman starting to do kapotasana ashtanga yoga asana. contortion poses

Contortion Poses – Flexibility the Ashtanga Yoga Way

Ashtanga Yoga is a disciplined practice emphasizing the integration of flexibility and strength in the body. This article will explore various types of contortion poses names, ranging from intermediate poses to the hardest contortion moves, requiring extreme flexibility performed by advanced yoga practitioners or professional

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woman doing Thread the Needle (Parsva Balasana) yoga pose for shoulder pain

23 Yoga Postures for Shoulder Pain and Neck

Shoulder pain is a common problem that affects millions of people worldwide. It often stems from poor posture, injuries, or tension in the shoulder muscles. The good news is that yoga can significantly alleviate shoulder pain and improve overall upper-body strength and flexibility. This article

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two female friends sitting in Malasana also called yoga squat pose. Demonstrating that all bodies are different and the post will look different for everyone. Everyone gets the Yoga Squat pose benefits

Yoga Squat Pose Benefits and How to Do Malasana

Incorporating yoga into your daily routine is a great way to improve your overall health and well-being. The Yoga Squat Pose (Sanskrit name Malasana), also known as the Garland Pose or Yogi Squat, is one of the many yoga asanas that offer a wide range

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