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Juli Williams Yoga Teacher

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but have grown up in and currently reside in Toronto, Ontario. I grew up participating in a lot of group sports and physical activities, but going to the gym and doing a solo workout just wasn’t for me. Knowing that I needed some sort of physical outlet, I started looking into doing some group classes and stumbled upon a vinyasa class and instantly fell in love. I think I was most surprised with how still I could be in my mind, and how focusing on my breath really brought a sense of ease to my everyday life and so I kept seeking that ‘yogaglow’. Fast forward to the present day, I still seek that glow and practice on most days, be it a physical asana practice, or a mindful meditation. 

Yoga has taught me how to work within my mind and body and allows me to be true to myself.

When covid-19 hit last year, I was laid off from my job as an event planner, and decided it was finally time to enroll in a 200 hour YTT. It was something I had been planning for a while, but could never “find the time”. My 200 hour training was Vinyasa and Hatha yoga based, but I am also trained in Yin and Restorative yoga. Yoga has taught me how to work within my mind and body, and allows me to be true to myself. It has given me a greater awareness of my physical and mental health on and off the mat, and that is the gift I wish to share with my students. I hope to create a sacred space for students of all levels in order to explore themselves through breath and movement and find that Sthira and Sukham (steadiness and ease).

Juli Williams

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