Yoga Festivals and Conferences 2024 - The Ultimate Global Guide

Planning out the year, I concluded that being active at Yoga Festivals and Conferences in 2024 will be good for business and personal reasons. I began my research as we all do: searching the internet, bookmarking pages, and taking notes. Narrowing down my selection considering the Yoga Festival content, location, and dates. Then I thought, “How many others are doing this same thing?” This thought led me to compile and share this extensive list of 2024 Yoga Festivals and Conferences in the USA, Canada, the Americas, UK, EU, Australia, NZ, India, Asia and South Africa.

I plan to update this list regularly, so check back often. And if your Yoga Festival or confrence needs to be added to this list, your event has changed, or I made a typo, scroll down to the bottom for details on how to contact us.

Please Read Our Event List Disclaimer.

far away image of many people practicing at a yoga festival or yoga conference
Practice at a Yoga Event with Like Minded Yogis

Why Should You Attend a Yoga Event or Conference?

  • Diverse Learning Opportunities: Yoga festivals and Yoga conferences often feature workshops and classes led by renowned teachers, covering various yoga styles and wellness topics. This diversity allows attendees to explore new practices and deepen their understanding of yoga philosophy.
  • Community and Connection: A sense of community is at the heart of every yoga festival and conference. These events are beautiful platforms for meeting new people, sharing experiences, and forming lasting connections with those who share similar interests and values.
  • Wellness and Self-Care: Yoga festivals and conferences focus on holistic well-being, offering activities that nourish the body, mind, and spirit. The heart of Yoga Festival’s design promotes health and wellness, from meditation sessions and sound healing to nutritious food and nature walks.
  • Inspiration and Renewal: Attending an event dedicated to growth and positivity can be incredibly inspiring. Attendees often leave yoga festivals and conferences feeling rejuvenated, motivated, and more aligned with their personal goals and values.
  • Cultural Immersion: Many yoga festivals and conferences also incorporate cultural elements of their host locations, offering a unique opportunity to engage with local traditions, music, and crafts.

Yoga Festivals and Conferences Contents

Yoga Festivals and Conferences 2024 USA

Florida Flow Fest

  • Date: January 14, 2024
  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Website:

The Yoga Expo

  • Dates: January 24, 2024 (Los Angeles, California) and March 9, 2024 (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
  • Website:

It’s Just Yoga & Wellness Fest

Sedona Yoga Festival

Camp Yoga Florida

  • Date: April 5-7, 2024
  • Location: Umatilla, Florida
  • Website:

MN Yoga Conference

Sol Fest

  • Date: May 2-5, 2024
  • Location: Ponce De Leon, Florida
  • Website:

Kentucky Yoga Festival

Zion Yoga Fest

Grand Valley Yoga Festival

Front Range Yoga Festival

New York State Yoga Fest

Bend Yoga Festival

Northeast Pennsylvania Yoga Festival

Mammoth Yoga Festival

Driftless Yoga Festival

Telluride Yoga Festival

Wild Zen Yoga Fest

The OM Festival

Love Shine Play Festival

Catskill Mountain Yoga Festival

Barefoot & Free Yoga Festival

Teton Yoga Festival

Bhakti Farms Yoga Fest

San Diego Yoga Festival

Flow Fest

Big Bear Yoga Festival

image of many people practicing at a yoga festival yoga conference in a valley with a river
Take in Mother Nature with an Outdoor Festival

Yoga Festivals and Conferences 2024 Canada

Vancouver Acro Fest

The Yoga Show

  • Date: March 22 – March 24, 2024
  • Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario
  • Website:

Surya Yoga Festival

  • Date: June 2024 (specific dates not provided)
  • Location: Kemptville Campus, WB George Center, 48 Shearer St, Kemptville, Ontario
  • Website:
Kootenay Yoga Festival

Yoga Festivals and Conferences 2024 Central and South America

Envision Festival 2024

Yoga Festivals and Conferences 2024 UK

Smile2life Yoga Festival

Balance Festival

  • Location: Shoreditch, London
  • Date: May 19-21, 2023 (2024 dates to be confirmed)
  • Website:

The Big Retreat Festival

LoveFit Festival

Buddha Fields

  • Location: Trickey Warren Lane, Culmhead, Taunton
  • Date: July 17-21, 2024
  • Website:

World Yoga Festival

  • Location: Henley Showground, Marlow Road, Henley-on-Thames
  • Date: August 1-4, 2024
  • Website:

Soul Circus

Brighton Yoga Festival

Wellfest London

  • Location: Old Deer Park, Richmond, London
  • Date: (2024 TBD)
  • Website:

Medicine Festival

Wilderness Festival

Wellbeing By The Lakes

YogaFest Brighton


image of many people sitting on yoga mats at a yoga festival yoga conference
Practice with Yogis from Far and Wide at a Festival

Yoga Festivals and Conferences 2024 EU

JoogaFestival Helsinki (Finland)

Yoga & Montagne : L’appel de la Montagne

  • Date: March 9-13, 2024 and April 6-11, 2024
  • Location: Megève, France
  • Website:

“The Inner Silence” Yoga, Meditative Arts and Traditional Tantra Retreat

  • Date: March 26-31, 2024
  • Location: Sierra de Gredos, Spain
  • Website:

Dutch Acro-Yoga Festival

Pace Yoga Festival
  • Date: May 20-24, 2024
  • Location: Zakynthos, Greece
  • Website:

Yoga Mela

  • Date: July 13 – 20, 2024
  • Location: Divinya, Sweden
  • Website:

European Yoga Festival

Mountain Yoga Festival St. Anon

The Wander Yogi Festival (Portugal)

Yoga Festivals and Conferences 2024 Australia and New Zealand

The Australian Yoga & Wellness Festival

Awaken Wellness Gathering at Peninsula Hot Springs

Rabbits Eat Lettuce

Bunbury Yoga Festival

Shoalhaven Yoga Festival

Hawke’s Bay Yoga Festival

Bendigo Yoga Festival

Kundalini Yoga Festival


Yoga Festivals and Conferences 2024 India and Asia

International Yoga Festival 2024


  • Date: March 11, 2024 (part of a 6-day long festival)
  • Location: Bali, Indonesia
  • The Nyepi Festival is more culturally oriented but includes elements of yoga and meditation as part of the broader experience.

Holi Festival

  • Date: Typically in March (exact dates vary by location)
  • Location: Various locations in India, including Mathura and Mumbai
  • Website: I haven’t found a central website, so here is a Holi Festival Wikipedia Article to get you started

Bali Spirit Festival

Evolution Asia Yoga Conference

Yoga Festivals and Conferences 2024 South Africa

Spiritfest 2024

  • Date: March 29 to April 1, 2024
  • Location: South Africa (specific location details not provided)
  • Website: Spiritfest

Asana at Home Event List Disclaimer

Please note that Asana at Home Online Yoga is not affiliated with or endorse any of the yoga festivals or conferences listed in this guide. The information provided about these festivals is for general informational purposes only. Asana at Home Online Yoga makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, or updated status of the information contained in this guide. We encourage readers to conduct their own research and due diligence and to check the individual festival websites for the most current information.

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