Yoga for Everybody: Guide to Getting Started

I used to think that yoga was only done by young people with lean, muscular body types. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone and every body can benefit from Yoga. I first found yoga after dealing with health issues, and over the years, I have resumed my physical practice whenever I need to boost my strength or flexibility.

Most people don’t start with lean, muscular bodies—they develop them after maintaining a consistent yoga practice. Here’s what I (a middle-aged woman) learned about incorporating a practice into your routine, no matter your age or ability.

Do What You Can

I won’t beat around the bush; yoga can be difficult for beginners. I remember feeling sore in all sorts of places after practice —places I didn’t even realize I had muscles.

Initially, I felt slightly embarrassed that I couldn’t do many poses. But I kept at it and did what I could. In time, I was able to do the poses correctly.

Don’t be nervous about asking the teacher questions about adapting yoga postures to your mobility levels, ability, or injury. The teacher is there to help you with your practice, and they’ve seen all fitness levels.

Women with eyes closed practicing yoga in living room. Sitting crossed legs with eyes closed and hands joined in prayer. Yoga for everybody
Breathing is the essence of the pracitce

Don’t Forget To Breathe

One of the main benefits of yoga is to decrease stress and feel a sense of calmness. It helps me tune in to my body and soul, empowering me.

So, if you find that the poses are a struggle, take the time to stretch your body out on your mat and breathe deeply. This simple exercise offers incredible mental benefits and physical health.

Yoga Props are Your Friends

Yoga props like blocks and straps were created to help practitioners access or enhance a pose. After using props, it was much easier to get into certain positions. Also, they helped tighten my loose muscles.

Many people starting the practice use props. Skilled teachers will provide pose modifications and instruction on using props. Even after doing yoga for a while, I use props on occasion.

Try a Variety of Yoga Classes

Before I started doing yoga, I had heard of a few different types, but I was surprised to learn how many yoga classes there are (i.e., chair yoga). There is a class and style for everyone, and each yoga teacher has a unique style of teaching these classes and styles. Most teachers offer private sessions if you want a personalized approach.

After doing several online yoga classes, I found the best styles for me. However, since it’s so easy to access various online courses, I will try new ones as my interests and needs change.

father and son practicing online yoga together
Class Variety is the Spice of Life

Online Yoga Classes Offer Convenience and Variety

Yoga Videos and online classes have been a great way to start and maintain my practice. Not only are online classes more convenient than in-studio live classes, but taking classes in the comfort of your own home also feels a lot more comfortable.

Asana at Home offers a great variety of online yoga classes. The teachers are experienced in working with people of all ages and abilities and are incredibly supportive. I highly recommend starting your journey by checking out a class or two. Before you know it, Yoga will become a way of life.

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