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Asana at Home was created to help expand the yoga community into the homes and spaces of those who aren’t always able to make it into a yoga studio. Asana at Home hopes to make the yoga experience more accessible and flexible to reflect the diversity of our different circumstances. We want to create a community with shared values, passion, and purpose by bringing together yoga students and teachers from all over the globe. Our teachers fuel their passion with high-quality Yoga classes, videos, teacher trainings and workshops through our virtual yoga studio platform.

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Yoga Teacher Melissa, a Caucasian female teaching yoga online from her home
Beginner Yoga

24 Best Tips for Starting Yoga

You might have heard of this great new thing from friends, family or from someone online and told yourself why not give it a try. The list below will provide you with the right way to start your journey.

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RISTO DUGGAN - Yoga Teacher Asana at Home. Talks about his yoga teacher journey
Yoga Instructor

You Should Be Doing This

At one of the classes, he was scheduled to take, the yoga teacher didn’t show up. Risto at the time had been practicing a variety of yoga theories at home and decided to make use of what he already knew.

Risto had pointed out to the class that they had came them to stretch and offered to guide the class along with what he had been doing at home and at the very least they could get a stretch out of it.

At the end of the class, a couple of people came up to Risto and told him that this is

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Risto Duggan teaching an arm balance to an online rocket yoga class
Yoga Instructor

Journey to Teaching Yoga Online

Journey to teaching online Yoga My teaching online Yoga began in 2020. But I started teaching yoga in person, at the end of 2006. By the end of 2007, I was a full-time Yoga Teacher, as I was slowly moving away from pursuing Acting in Film and Television. My passion for being in the spotlight shifted from being this character I created to just being myself and helping people by sharing my journey! This just felt so authentic and real… It was an incredibly physical and mental journey, though, I must say. For the first three years, I was basically resetting

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Heather Silberberg at the ski mountain, dressed in winter clothes. right leg is raised on to a hand rail. mountains in back ground
Yoga Instructor

Restorative Yoga -The Art of Befriending Oneself

When I teach restorative yoga I am my most connected self – to my students, to the teachings and my teachers, to myself. It is an extension of my practice. And as my practice has shifted considerably over the past few months, so has my teaching. I have caught myself describing this iteration as a downshift, and on the surface (physical level) this is true: restorative yoga consists of passive poses held for a time, allowing for deep relaxation and awareness.

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Our Yoga Blog and Our Values

At Asana at Home, we value the yoga journey’s different aspects and its connection to our values: community, progress, creativity, meaningful relationships, and fun. In addition, we love how yoga connects the mind and the body in many ways, using many forms.

Our Yoga Blog will offer you inspiring personal stories from our students starting on their journey and the valuable experiences they’re learning. You’ll also read motivating personal stories from our teachers about how they got started, what yoga means to them, and essential tips they’ve learned on their journeys. Finally you’ll find articles covering topics in our Yoga Instructor Blog, Beginner Yoga Blog, Yoga Poses, Yoga at Home Blog, Chakra Blog, Health Blog and Meditation Blog.

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