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Melissa Berry

Melissa Berry Yoga Teacher doing a low lunge in the forest for Green heart Chakra balancing

Melissa Yoga Teacher

Melissa Berry doing a wheel pose over her daughter

What is Slow Flow Yoga?

Melissa Berry, Yoga Teacher

My first yoga session was in a boiling room, attempting Bikram Yoga. The thought of anything slow for exercise was not making sense to me. So why not choose a complex form of Yoga and almost pass out?

Ten years later, I would not recommend this approach; Yoga has taught me to slow down, listen to my body, build muscles that remove back pain, and increase my overall strength, not just the pretty muscles.

Even though I love advanced poses, I always revert to a very low-intensity practice like Yin Yoga. Especially after a run or a bike ride, it’s the perfect way to calm down and allow your body to relax.

Yoga has taught me to slow down

I never dreamt of being a yoga teacher, but now that I am and see what people are capable of, I am hooked. I love bringing my students to a level they aren’t even aware of.

We are empowering them in their practice and their ability to accomplish anything.

I am a multi-style 200 hours of yoga teacher training and 70 hours of Yin Yoga training, not to forget being a certified meditation practitioner.

New to Yoga? Read my post on tips to get started.

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