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Melanie Yip

Melanie Yip - Yoga Teacher Asana at Home

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Melanie Yip - Yoga Teacher Asana at Home

Teaching yoga has become an important part of my life when I decided to pursue wellness instead of wealth. In 2018, after spending 20 years working in Toronto, I retired from banking and moved home to Vancouver to live a more balanced lifestyle. I have since completed my yoga teacher training through Vancouver School of Healing Arts, became an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and co-founded a new luxury wellness retreats company, Movement Travel.

I have never been flexible. Practicing yoga and focusing on functional movement for the last 15+ years have helped increase my mobility, flexibility and stability both in mind and body. My classes are designed to be inclusive, offering clear cues for beginners, options for those who are less flexible or mobile and progressions for more advanced practitioners. You can also expect a solid playlist as music is an integral component of all my classes.

My wish is for all students to have fun and feel good both during and after their practice.

I teach several styles of yoga including Power, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin. Having played sports for most of my life, I gravitate towards more physically challenging styles like Power or an invigorating Vinyasa Flow. However, yoga has also taught me how to take my time and enjoy the benefits of slower moving practices. Off my mat, I enjoy resistance training, runs along the seawall, bike rides, cooking, romcoms and of course long walks on the beach 😉. Hope to see you on the mat soon!
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