Awesome Changes Coming

Awesome Changes Coming

When Asana at Home launched, it was proof of concept, and I made software selections that supported the concept. Software selections that were simple, low-cost, easy to abandon and would get the job done. Always knowing we would move to another more sophisticated platform when we learned what our customers and we needed. I’m happy to announce, that move is happening July 1

Some things you can expect with the new platform


1. Classes will be easier to book. Further, you will know what booked in a more user-friendly interface

2. Packages that are easier to buy, use and access

3. Setting your own reminder/notification settings

4. Ability to start your class through an email link and/or by logging onto the software

5. We will be using Stripe as our credit card processor as its the preferred merchant provider for the new software.

6. The website will be the same. Only the calendar, product store and client account area will be different.

Some New Products


1. Our new on-demand video library (available for select packages)

2. Private Yoga classes with your favourite teacher

In the Meanwhile


1. Things will carry on as usual until June 30. July 1, you will be able to book classes on the new software

2. Remaining product credits will be carried over to the new software

3. Existing free class promo codes will no longer work after June 30…so use them quickly

I appreciate some learning that comes with any new software and invite you to reach out to me anytime with any comments, questions or concerns.

Thank you for supporting our endeavour to bring yoga to people wherever they may be.

Kevin Parenteau

Teacher and Founder

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Awesome Changes Coming Asana at Home


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