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Jeremy is a Seattle-based writer and content marketer focused on creating content to learn more about the cities and communities around the United States. He enjoys traveling, playing bass, acting in movies, and finding the best hidden coffee shops.

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dumbbell and skipping rope for building a home gym
Yoga at Home

7 Guidelines for Building a Home Gym in Your Apartment

We all know that exercise is important to living a healthy life, but finding the time and money to go to the gym can be a huge burden. With an uptick in remote jobs, many workers are interested in building a home gym so they can get a quick workout during lunch or between calls. For those in a home, whether it be renting in downtown Seattle or owning in the suburbs of Edmonds, it’s possible to devote an entire room to being a gym.

However, folks in apartments don’t have that luxury. With few places to store equipment, building a

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Our Yoga Blog and Our Values

At Asana at Home, we value the yoga journey’s different aspects and its connection to our values: community, progress, creativity, meaningful relationships, and fun. In addition, we love how yoga connects the mind and the body in many ways, using many forms.

Our Yoga Blog will offer you inspiring personal stories from our students starting on their journey and the valuable experiences they’re learning. You’ll also read motivating personal stories from our teachers about how they got started, what yoga means to them, and essential tips they’ve learned on their journeys. Finally you’ll find articles covering topics in our Yoga Instructor Blog, Beginner Yoga Blog, Yoga Poses, Yoga at Home Blog, Chakra Blog, Health Blog and Meditation Blog.

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