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PAMELA LYN - Yoga Teacher Asana at Home

Practice of Movement

PAMELA LYN - Yoga Teacher Asana at Home
In college as a dance major, yoga was included in our curriculum. It was love at first asana.
After many years of being a nomad practitioner, I was fortunate to find a “home” & incredible community at an NYC based Vinyasa school. Once I began practicing there, a new realm opened. I began to understand the mind-body connection and that yoga is more than asana. Yoga is a practice of movement, 100%, but not just OF the body, but WITHIN the body. Yoga is energetically everywhere, not just confined to the mat – it is the way we integrate it into our lives. I think through practice we can uncover more about ourselves and the universe. We can gain the ability to take our yoga, as if in a container, and integrate it into our lives; that container being the self.
I teach yoga to guide others to feel the energy and beauty they possess and can generate from their movement. I believe everyone has the capability to integrate their discoveries into their lives to live a fuller, more cognizant, existence. I share strong alignment cues to assist in asana development and injury prevention, but I believe it doesn’t matter what shape you take, it only matters how that shape makes you feel. I often bring attention to remaining present, so we can feel our strength, our patience, and our growth, inward and outward. I am drawn to Vinyasa because of it’s flowing sequences and smooth transitions. I have a strong dance background and the two feel relatable; inspiring creativity, moving with intention, feeling expansion in all directions, and finding the freedom to let go within motion. Asana practice feels like a moving meditation and pranayama a beautiful articulation of breath. The 8 limbs of yoga provide me with a powerful structure to continually explore.

I believe it doesn’t matter what shape you take, it only matters how that shape makes you feel.

I am an advocate of happiness and love. I want people to experience it so they can share it. I feel through movement, we can find peace and connection to ourselves and each other. I think there is a space for everyone in yoga, from it’s teachings to it’s seats. Yoga is an incredibly beautiful gift that has changed my life, and I am grateful for the opportunities to share it with others.
I am a RYT-500 Yoga Instructor, earning my certifications in NYC and India, and hold a BFA in Dance and an MA in Secondary English Education. Off the mat, I teach and choreograph dance and am a Thai Massage and sound practitioner. While I hold a Reiki Level II certification, I do not offer Reiki, but a variation of energy work utilizing visualizations and light. I also edit and mix music and have passions for painting and writing.

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