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Nyk Danu - Yoga Teacher Asana at Home

Yoga Therapist and Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer

Nyk Danu - Yoga Teacher Asana at Home
Hi! I’m Nyk Danu — fiercely independent Sagittarius, misfit, introvert, bookworm, cat charmer, crow whisperer, Buddhist, seeker of truth, peaceful warrior and pro-activist who’s not-so-secretly out to save the world. I never planned to practice Yoga. As a former rock ‘n roll, smoking, rebellious type, Yoga wasn’t even on my radar. In fact, I went to my first Yoga class as a favour to a friend. But that class was a complete game-changer. For the first time that I could remember my normally frantic mind was only paying attention to one thing. And physically I felt amazing! I walked out of that first class feeling like I had shoes made of clouds. This was it. I was in love. Yoga forever. So eventually I decided to teach Yoga. I teach Therapeutic Yoga to MisFits. Gen Xers (and sometimes Y) who don’t feel at home in mainstream Yoga circles: the rebels, underdogs, introverts, geeks, and bookworms. As a Yoga Therapist, my specialty is helping people with Back Pain and Anxiety. All the Yoga I teach is Therapeutic, but I am most known for (and have a massive crush on) Yin Yoga and teach Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings. My personal practice and Yoga classes are rooted in Buddhism, Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can expect a foundation Mindfulness, and gratitude in my classes.

Therapeutic Yoga for MisFits

I’m a learning addict. So in addition to numerous Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga intensives, I have the following teacher training certificates:

– 300 hour Yoga teacher training – The Yoga College Of Canada
– 500 hour advanced Yin Yoga Teaching certificate – Paul Grilley 
– 1000 hour Yoga Therapy Certification – Ajna Yoga College

I have also completed 2,300 hours of Chinese Medicine studies and 360 hours additional Bio-medical studies at Pacific Rim College.

My deepest wish for you:

Is that, throughout our practice together, you gain the tools and the time you need to feel better physically and to become happier, healthier, and relaxed. That, in turn, will affect your loved ones and communities, so that others benefit from our practice together as well.

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