Lorena Quintero

Lorena Quintero Yoga Teacher Asana at Home

Earth keeper

Lorena Quintero Yoga Teacher Asana at Home

Hola! I’m Lorena Quintero, a proud Mexicana living in Vancouver, B.C.

I’m a student & teacher of Yoga, Shamanism, and Ceremony facilitator.
Yoga showed up in my life in 2008 & it quickly became a huge part of my life. With every class I took, I wanted to learn more about its philosophy & origins; I was fascinated by the subtleties of the practice & the connection between myself & nature that I never understood before. When I became aware of the effects it was having in my life, body, mind, spirit, relationships, & way of viewing the world, I knew I wanted to share what I was learning every day.

I’ve been practicing & sharing for 12 years, and in many ways, I still feel like this is only the beginning. Diving deep into Yogic teachings & Shamanic traditions has become my compass. My teachers, colleagues, friends & ancient wisdom influence the way I choose to participate in the world. Every aspect of the practice continues to surprise & amaze me & I keep learning tools that are beneficial & practical for everyday life. This path has taken me to amazing places around the world, meeting incredible, beautiful humans & having unique, wonderful experiences that have molded the person I am today.

Today, my practice is my anchor, and I share from that experience. Yoga & the healing arts have become a gateway to express, grow & serve. Weaving together what I’ve learned & lived, I aim to & hold space with love, tolerance, patience, compassion & kindness. If you join my classes, expect to journey through all your layers, moving from dense to subtle. Through conscious movement, breath, meditation & sound, my classes are an opportunity to explore all that you are & show up authentically. Organic sequences designed to move with the body, flow with the breath & feel with the soul. I aim to share these ancient practices as Sacred medicine to nurture the relationship with ourselves, others & our Earth, to reconnect with our true nature, and experience life from a space of love, courage, and truth.

“Don’t you know it yet? It’s your light that lights the worlds” -Rumi


Vinyasa YA 200hrs (Soul Yoga) |Alex Quiyono, Mexico City, Mexico 2011

Vinyasa Sequencing Lab YA 100hrs | Alex Quiyono, Mexico City, Mexico 2012

Hiking Yoga 100hrs | Eric Kipp
New York & online 2014

Prana Flow YA 300hrs | Shiva Rea
Santa Monica, CA | Delphi 2014 – 2019
   – Chakra Vinyasa + Tantric Prana Vinyasa 
   – Embodying the flow
   – Elemental Vinyasa
   – Living Ayurveda + Rasa Prana Vinyasa
   – Wisdom Rising Immersion w/ Lama Tsultrim Allione – Kripalu
   – Fire & Flow pranafication retreat
   – Yoga Trance Dance
   – Prana Flow Pranams

Kundalini YA 200hrs | Jivasu Pradeep Kumar & Swami Atma
Rishikesh, India  2016

Holistic Nutrition | CSNN
Vancouver, B.C.  2017

Rainbow Kids Yoga YA30hr continuing education
Vancouver, B.C. 2018

Aquarian Luminosity, Kundalini & lifestyle TT
Tiaga Prem & Sarah Jade Gooding 
The Dharma Temple 
Vancouver B.C., 2018 -2019

Shamanic Yoga CYA 500hrs
Shamanic Yoga Institute
Squamish, BC 2020 – 2021

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